Immunity Boosting Smoothie Recipe

Immunity Boosting Smoothie Recipe

| Feb 2021

Although you usually see our Vive shots taken straight from the bottle (they taste great on their own), they can also add a nice kick to smoothies!

On Super Bowl Sunday Kylie Jenner shared her pre-game smoothie recipe via Instagram Stories featuring Vive’s Immunity Boost Shot and it looked delicious! Everyone is trying it.

Instagram screenshot of Kylie Jenner's smoothie of the day

Having FOMO? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered! Below is a step by step on how to make the perfect smoothie using Vive’s #1 Immunity Boost Original Shot.

Step 1: Start by adding frozen pineapple & fresh cucumbers:

Kylie adding cucumber to her blender
Step 2: Add celery:

Kylie adding celery to her blender
Step 3: Drop in Green Apple pieces:

Kylie adding an apple to the blender
Step 4: Add Spinach + Water + your favorite protein or collagen powder: 

Kylie pouring water to her blender
Kylie adding collagen powder to the blender

Step 5: Top it off with your favorite Vive Immunity Shot! Kylie used our Original:

Kylie pouring A Vive wellness shot to the blender
A vive shot being poured into the blender
Step 6: Blend everything together and ENJOY!

Kylie's green smoothie being poured to a glass

Try this recipe (or create your own) and share it with us on social! Use #MyViveSmoothie for a chance to be featured!


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