Top 10 Occasions For a Wellness Shot

Top 10 Occasions For a Wellness Shot

| Sep 2020

Top 10 Occasions For A Wellness Shot 


  • Waking Up. Starting the day with a wellness shot can be a great way to kick-start your day like a glass of juice would, but with less sugar and more of a punch! 
      1. Our favorite: Immunity Boost Original for the daily routine or Immunity Boost  Cayenne if you want a little extra fire. 
    Someone holding a breakfast sandwich with their vive wellness shot


  • Afternoon Energy Slump. We all know this one. That time after lunch when you have to power through until the end of the day, but can’t seem to focus or maintain your energy. 
      1. Our favorite: Energy + Focus Energy Shot gives you the perfect amount of caffeine from green tea and brainpower from adaptogens, but not so much that you’re anxiously buzzing.



  • Under The Weather. When you’re feeling funky, a wellness shot can help you get back to feeling like yourself again.  
  • Our favorite: Wellness Rescue blends super herbs, like oil of oregano, with organic citrus to give you a boost when you need it most. A pro-tip from a verified reviewer is to put the shot in a mug of boiling water! 

  • Self-Care. If you’re having a self-care night and indulging in a face mask or a manicure, don’t forget to also treat your body inside out! 
      1. Our favorite: Antioxidant Detox provides some TLC to skin, hair and nails so it’s great (and delicious) for those moments when you’re already treating yourself!

  • Tackling a Hangover. A lot of us have our own go-to remedies for hangovers and those oftentimes involve reaching for a sports drink of sorts. Taking a wellness shot is a way to get some of those same restorative ingredients, but with less sugar or other junky ingredients. 
      1. Our favorite: Electro Restore provides electrolytes and trace minerals sourced from all-natural ingredients to help replenish your body. Additionally, the ginger provides a fresh feeling and is often an ingredient associated with reducing nausea. Be the hero of the bachelor/bachelorette party by ordering a 12-pack to have on hand when the group hangover hits! 

  • Taking a Trip. The convenient size of our shots make them a perfect travel companion. We always take one before take off and one after landing to feel refreshed and on the defense. 
      1. Our favorite: When traveling (by car, bus or plane) we like to bring along any of our Immunity Boost shots that pack a mix of ingredients to fight back against travel stress and germs.
    A hand holding up a vive wellness shot
  • As a Refreshing Mixer For a Drink. Some of our flavor and ingredient combinations make the perfect mixer for your cocktail. We listed a favorite of ours below, but we’d love to hear what cocktail creations you come up with! 
      1. Our favorite: Antioxidant Berry Fizz // 1 shot gin (or tequila) // 4oz sparkling water // 1 fresh squeezed blood orange // One shot of Vive Organic Antioxidant Detox // Slice of citrus

  • After Working Out. What you consume after a workout helps in refueling and restoring your body. 
      1. Our favorite: Electro Restore. The mix of trace minerals sourced from all-natural ingredients combined with six different types of electrolytes is perfect for after (or before) working out!

  • Extra Busy Day. For many of us an extra packed schedule means we need something to keep us powering through.
      1. The Energy + Focus Energy Shot uses powerful adaptogens and nootropics like lion’s mane and ashwagandha to aid in concentration and mental clarity, while ingredients like green tea and ginseng provide just the right amount of caffeine. 
    Someone working on a laptop with a vive wellness drink
  • To Feel Good. No surprises here-- of course getting an extra dose of nutrients and minerals that a wellness shot can provide feels good. Taking a wellness shot can help you feel uplifted, reset and optimistic.
      1. Our favorite: Immunity Boost with Cayenne. The powerful combination of black pepper and cayenne make it impossible for the feeling of this shot to go unnoticed. When the flavor hits your tastebuds you can’t help but feel a little pick-me-up.  
    Woman smiling while holding up an original vive wellness shot
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