Wellness Shot 101

Wellness Shot 101

| Sep 2020


Wellness shots are small, potent juices made with ingredients that are often linked with a variety of health benefits. The idea of mixing key healing herbs and spices together for the sake of health is not a new concept by any means. In fact, it dates back centuries. The ingredient turmeric, for example, has been used medicinally for many years and is part of the Indian system of natural healing known as Ayurveda. Today, these powerful superfoods are pressed into fresh shot combinations that are easy to incorporate into a modern lifestyle.

The Immunity Boost wellness shot


Getting Started

At Vive, we work with a team of doctors, who provide different experience across western, alternative, chinese and functional medicine. All of our ingredient decisions and processing choices are reviewed by these doctors to create shots that are delicious and additive towards wellness needs. 

Depending on your goals-- whether that be restoration, energy, mood or immunity-- there are shots created with those needs in mind. Many find wellness shots to be better alternatives to things they were already consuming to address these needs. Some will trade out their energy drinks and juices for a wellness shot knowing shots are usually lower in sugar and calories and provide a more immediate boost. Others will use them for the refreshing, uplifting feeling they get when a cold, flavor-packed shot hits their taste buds and body. Seriously, very revitalizing! 

Wellness shots can be made differently from one another so check the labels, but at Vive all of our shots are gluten free, vegan, organic and non-GMO. We also use a process called “cold pressed,” which is how we extract juice from the roots, herbs and flowers we use. After we cold press the ingredients, we use a sterilization method called HPP that uses high amounts of water pressure to preserve freshness and natural potency of the ingredients (without ever heating or pasteurizing them).

Woman holding several original vive wellness shot

Picking A Shot 

It can be helpful to think about why you’re taking the shot. Did you just finish a workout? Are you feeling groggy? Are you hungover? (Hey, we’ve been there). Wellness shots incorporate ingredients to help you feel refreshed and some are crafted for scenarios like these (although you don’t need a reason to be proactive about your health). Looking at the labels and ingredients can help you identify which shots would be best for which need. We also have a list of our Vive favorites for different scenarios here. 

Taking A Shot 

Most wellness shots can be taken every day and more than once a day. However, we recommend starting with one a day and gauging how you feel after introducing into your daily routine. Shots can be taken any time of day, but our doctors suggest trying the morning time and on an empty stomach to help with nutrient absorption. As many find, a big part of introducing these shots into your routine is listening to your body and finding out what works best for you! See how our employees shoot their shots here

If you’re loving the kick that a wellness shot brings to your daily routine and want to include them in your life for long-term use, we encourage you to speak with your doctor and craft a plan that works best for your individual wellness. 

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