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How many shots can I take per day?

When is the best time to take the Immunity Boost shot or any other shot?

What type of shot routine would Vive recommend for long term use?

Dosing for kids, frequency, safe to drink?

Can I take these everyday?

Can I take these if I have Acid Reflux or a sensitive stomach?

What is the sediment in my bottle?

How are you working on Sustainability? Or Recycling?

Can I drink after the Expiration Date?

Does keeping an opened shot in the fridge decrease the potency or the effect?

How long do your shots stay good out of the fridge?

Can I freeze the shots to drink later if I buy in bulk?

Can I freeze the shots to keep them colder for longer (ie keep shots cold for a flight)?

Are your shots Kosher?

Are your shots Gluten Free?

What does Cold Pressure mean?

Are your shots pasteurized?