A whole lot in

Every Vive shot is a fresh but concentrated blend of plants, herbs and natural nutrients to give you a boost toward wellness needs-whether that be immunity, restoration, energy or even mood. A whole lotta function and no additives.

No sugar added
USA Organic
Gluten Free
Certified Vegan
Non GMO project verified


Our co-founders, Wyatt, Kyle and JR, were friends before they created Vive Organic. As health-conscious entrepreneurs, they discovered a way to deliver earth's most potent ingredients in a fresh, functional shot.

Our Story


How We Work


Our shots may be plant-powered, but our company is people-powered (see what we did there?) We are lucky to have a tight-knit team of innovators, sales peeps, marketers, foodies, farmers, doctors and creatives (+ the occassional pet) that give it their best shot everyday to keep you Vivin’. 

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Vive is great. Love that they use "imperfect produce." I use these on the regular to support my well being. Do your body a favor!

- Jeffrey S.

I was feeling a bit under the weather, took one of these before I went to sleep and woke up feeling amazing. Highly recommend!

- Preston

I take Vive at home as well as when I travel. It has a strong taste! Intense heat as well as ginger but it works!

- Kenny S.