We are Carbon Trust measured!
We are Carbon Trust measured!

From day 1, Vive has placed a high value on the importance of integrating sustainability into our core values.

Caring for our planet is essential to holistic wellness. For people to be healthy, we need a healthy planet. For a planet to be healthy, we need healthy people. 

Since launch, we’ve prioritized the following things to ensure we leave the smallest carbon footprint


Thoughtful Sourcing Practices 

  • Passionate partnerships with regenerative, organic and non-GMO farms

Farmer washing turmeric in a field.

Recycled Packaging 

  • So far we have saved 468k of plastic 
  • So far we agave saved 236k of corrugate 

Vive shot sustainable packaging.

Using Ugly Produce 

    • So far we have saved over 1,200,000 of wasted fruit 
    • So far we have avoided over 432,000 kg of C02 emissions 

 Donating Instead of Destroying 

    • We have donated over 100,000 shots to those in need
 Carbon Trust Seal We are excited to announce that as of 2020, we’ve made it official! Vive is proud that our wellness shots are certified Carbon Trust measured. What does that mean? We are making ourselves accountable for measuring and reducing the carbon footprint of our wellness shots with a trusted partner.


Our goal is to continue reducing our carbon footprint, and eventually become carbon neutral. As we continue on our journey to make this planet a better place, we want to thank you for supporting us on this journey.


Stay tuned for what’s next, and in the meantime, cheers to accountability!