Vive is a Travel Essential According To Thrillist
Vive is a Travel Essential According To Thrillist

Travel is always top of mind, especially during the holidays! 


 "As public health remains an ongoing factor, it makes sense to add hygiene and wellness essentials to your packing list," says Thrillist


One of the wellness essential we can get behind is our Vive Organic Immunity Boost Shots! "It's all about shots, shots, shots," says Thirllist.


"Flood your body with good-for-you nutrients while on vacation (or while gearing up for a vacation) with these organic wellness shots created with the help of holistic docs."  


The Vive Immunity Boost Collection is perfect for those wanting to be proactive and boost their immunity. "Also surprising fans of the least-appetizing-sounding shot in the Vive Organics lineup, the Wellness Rescue Garlic."


These shots are each made from organic ingredients that pack a punch! There's something for everyone, take your best shot and get ready for that kick - you'll feel it's working!


1. Immunity Boost Original


2. Immunity Boost Elderberry

3. Immunity Boost Cayenne

4. Immunity Boost Vitamin C

5. Immunity Boost Vitamin D, K, and Zinc 

6. Wellness Rescue Oil Of Oregano

7. Wellness Rescue Garlic