Infused Water Recipe
Infused Water Recipe
CREATOR: Cortney Seaver (@ProjectSunny)
PRODUCT: Immunity Boost Original / Pure Boost Ginger / Immunity Boost Vitamin C 
    Infused Water Recipe
    Infused Water Recipe image
    • Orange slices, fresh basil, Vive Organic Immunity Boost Vitamin C
    • Cucumber slices, strawberries, lime, Vive Organic Immunity Boost Original
    • Cucumber slices, lemon, fresh mint, Vive Organic Pure Boost Ginger
    1. Thoroughly wash and prepare all produce.
    2. When ready, add the listed ingredients for each combination to a large drinking glass, jar, or water bottle.
    3. Secure the water with a lid or cover and store in the refrigerator for at least 1-2 hours to let the flavors combine. (Don’t let the water sit for more than 12 hours as the flavor may become too strong and bitter). Enjoy!
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