5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity by Vive's Holistic Doctor
5 Tips To Boost Your Immunity by Vive's Holistic Doctor

Fall is arguably one of the most popular seasons - and for a reason! It’s time to snuggle up in your favorite sweater and drink all the hot chocolate your heart desires. What’s not to love?


Boosting your immunity during these cooler months is crucial. No one wants to be sniffly and miss out on the fun! Dr. Erica, one of the 3 doctors on Vive’s team of holistic gurus, is giving you her top 5 under-rated tips for feeling top-notch this fall season. A healthy you = a happy fall!


1. Pay close attention to what you eat and drink

“A healthy diet is the foundation for achieving radiant health,” Dr. Erica states, this includes “reducing consumption of sugar, processed foods and alcohol, drinking filtered water, and avoiding drugs and tobacco.” However, a healthy diet is not all about what you avoid - but also what you do eat! This means filling your plate with adequate protein, fats, and carbs to make sure you are fueling your system with food to help it thrive. Dr. Erica also suggests eating organically grown food as much as possible to get the highest amount of nutrients. You can also drink your nutrients! Vive’s Immunity Boost shot is power-packed with a blend of roots, fruits, and flowers for the ultimate immune system strengthener. Specifically turmeric and ginger, which are well-known immunity boosting superfoods.

2. Get at least 30-minutes of exercise daily

During summer, the inviting and warmer weather makes it easy to get outside and get moving! On the other hand, cooler weather is a common excuse to avoid exercise (and makes it feel like a chore! ) - but you may not realize the dramatic holistic effect that movement and deep breathing can have on you. “Exercise is vital for boosting energy, reducing anxiety and depression, improving sleep, and sharpening brain function” says Dr. Erica. Exercise affects so many systems in your body, one of the most important being your ability to defend yourself

3. Adequate sleep

It’s a tale as old as time that sleep is important for your health, but some may not realize how critical it is for your overall well-being. Sleep is the body’s way to rest, reset, and regenerate at night so we can function optimally the next day. Dr. Erica notes that “chronic sleep deprivation can lead to susceptibility to illness, ‘brain fog,’ increased hunger and weight gain, and mood disorders.” Some helpful sleep tips may mean staying away from blue-light an hour or two before bed, avoiding work and stressful conversations before bed, winding down with some immuni-tea, or sleeping with a sound machine. Set yourself up for a successful night of sleep, and your body will thank you!


4. Spend time outdoors in nature

Nature may be pretty to look at - but it actually has a direct impact on our health. Studies show that being in nature can not only support a happy mood, but also may prevent disease! Woah. Dr. Erica raves about the benefits of exercise, “getting some of your exercise outdoors, with exposure to sunlight, can stimulate the immune system, calm the nervous system, increase vitamin D levels, increase melatonin, decrease anxiety and depression, and improve sleep.” The benefits of the outdoors are practically endless! They don’t call it the great outdoors for nothing…

5. Make time to do what brings you joy

In a culture that values hyper-productivity and prioritizes work, it is important to remember that “living a life that is almost exclusively work-related can eventually lead to physical and emotional problems,” says Dr. Erica. Self-care is not only one of the best things you can do for your emotions, but also for your body! Balancing work with what brings you joy is essential to good health.

Fall can be a joyous time for so many reasons, so make sure you prepare yourself for a happy and productive fall by setting yourself up for success. The immune system is so complex, and it is important to remember that all of these seemingly-menial habits can keep you feeling healthy. These doctor-approved tips may seem simple, but they have a huge impact. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!