Vive Earth Month: Our Sustainability Mission Vive Earth Month: Our Sustainability Mission


No matter what part of the world you live in, April is a month focused on mother earth. The warmth of the sun awakens the richness of our soil, peonies and lilacs lace green lawns, and there’s a certain vibrancy in the air no other season radiates. It’s no wonder, around one billion people around the globe participate in environmental activism and celebrate Earth Month in April.

Even though we’re celebrating our planet this month, here at Vive, we’re always doing our best to champion health, pure and simple. Keep reading to see how we protect the planet at every step of our process!


Vive's Sustainability Mission: It’s our #1 priority to always nurture your wellbeing, and for us, taking care of the planet is the first step towards that mission. So what steps do we take to ensure this happens? 


  1. Ugly Produce 

An oddly shaped orange or lemon may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but usually, the inside is perfectly usable and beautiful. Why throw them away, when you still get a tasty result? So yes, we 100% juice ugly fruits that don’t belong in the garbage can!

Insert callout: Vive’s Ugly Fruit Stats —

  • 1,200,000 Pounds Of Produce Saved
  • 74,000,000 Gallons Of Water Saved
  • 432,000 C02 Emissions Avoided


  1. Eco-Friendly Packaging

Did you know that all of our bottles and cases are completely recyclable? Ultimately, this helps all of us reduce our carbon footprint and plastic flow into the environment. 


From the beginning, we’ve saved 19,298,952 two-ounce bottles, 468,015 pounds of plastic from landfills, and 236,295 pounds of virgin corrugate. 


  1. B-Corp Certified & Carbon Trust Measured

Every year, we hold ourselves accountable to ensure sustainability is practiced through and through. As B-Corp Certified, this means we “demonstrate high social and environmental performance by achieving a B Impact Assessment score of 80 or above and passing our risk review,” along with other performance measures. 

As Carbon Trust Measured, this means our product’s carbon footprint is reducing year on year and our product footprint is certified Carbon Neutral, along with several other standards

"We’re always working on sustainability. Through new initiatives, innovation with our farms, and partnerships with third parties, our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint and set the standard for food and beverage companies.” - Kyle, Founder of Vive Organic


Build a Sustainable Future, Together 


Whether you sip on our Immunity Boost, Energy + Immunity Shot, or any other Vive product, you're helping us build a much greener ecosystem that supports the planet, not just during Earth Month, but every day. 

Learn more about Vive’s sustainability mission and how we’re doing our part! 


Vive Earth Month: Our Sustainability Mission
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