It’s no surprise that among those who volunteer, there’s a significant increase in happiness compared to those who don’t. Volunteering feeds your soul while positively impacting the community around you!


Thinking of how to get involved? Look no further for your go-to guide to getting plugged into your ideal volunteering opportunity.


Here at Vive, our ambition is to unlock real, meaningful change in personal, societal, and planetary health. In August, we became B Corp Certified, which further demonstrates our commitment to the community as we help set the standard for how private food companies can make a difference through sustainable business practices. 



Giving back to others can be an amazing way to support collective social health as well as bring purpose and perspective into your own life. Like all aspects of health, the health of others and ourselves are deeply interconnected. 


First, think about what you’re passionate about and what you’re good at.


It’s important to bring your full self into giving, not just showing up to check a box. When you love it, that’s when you’ll get the most out of the experience, and the group you are supporting will benefit most. 


Are you passionate about gardening or surfing? Are you a foodie, or are you passionate about social justice? There are so many ways to spend your time – choose a cause and organization that is meaningful to you. 

It’s never too late to consider what role you might play in your community by volunteering.


We sat down with Vive’s co-founder, JR Simich, to dive into the importance of volunteering. 


"I am passionate about bringing healthy food and lifestyle to people who would not otherwise be able to access it. Since I started Vive, I’ve been able to merge my work and passion for helping others in such an amazing way. I’ve gotten to know so many incredible people who are bringing healthy food to “food deserts” (those are areas where there might not be a grocery store or market with fresh healthy food for miles) like SouthLA Cafe. I’m humbled to be able to join them in serving food or delivering cases of Vive to support their food programs. Knowing that I’m able to give a small piece of my time and hopefully make a difference in the world means everything to me. I encourage you to try and do the same, whatever that may look like for you."

We’re challenging you to take 10 minutes to sign up for an organization to volunteer with. Consider what it would look like to be generous with your time in an area of life that you’re passionate about. Take one small step and start researching organizations that need volunteer help. Reach out, see how you might be able to contribute. You may be surprised at a specific role you can play in communal health by taking the time to volunteer!