Did you know people who spend two hours outside each week are much more likely to report a more positive mental state? Time in nature can also enhance concentration, lower anxiety, and improve mood. 

Want in on this ultimate mood booster? 

Look no further! Today, we’re helping you take a break and reflect on all the gifts that nature has to offer our minds, bodies, and spirits. 


Most of us know the benefits of spending time in nature, especially the way it calms down our nervous system, but it can be hard to get out of town for a camping trip, or even just a hike. So we’re sharing a few simple ways to connect with nature in your day to day. 


  1. Go for a walk outside with no technology. Sounds simple, right? You may be surprised at how much better you’ll feel after a stroll outside. Give your mind a break and let yourself connect with your environment. Observe what’s happening around you. Look up, look down. Are there flowers? Trees? Birds? Absorb everything you can. Just 10 minutes outside in the fresh air makes a huge difference. 
  2. Water your yard or house plants. Again, disconnect from technology so you can meaningfully connect with a little piece of nature in your home. Use your hands to feel the water, feel the sun, prune the plants, or sift through the dirt. These small acts connect us back to nature, calm us, and bring us back to our roots (pun intended). 
  3. Watch the clouds. When was the last time you did that? It’s such a simple and peaceful way to disconnect. Take everything in. Open your eyes. Find shapes in the sky. Be amazed by the simple, everyday beauty of your corner of the world. Take a minute to appreciate the sun, the clouds and the environment around you. 


A few moments of mindfulness, appreciating and observing the world around us, can work wonders with our mental state. Give it a try!