At Vive, we are committed to holistic wellness. We believe that taking a closer look at how we engage with ourselves, our planet, and our community allows us to live healthier lives across the board!                                                                    

Fall is around the corner, and as we enter a new season, it's time to stop, take a step back, and reset. We believe in the power of routines! You know that feeling of a fresh start, like turning over a new leaf? That’s the beauty of a routine. The structure of a consistent rhythm actually brings freedom to your days, which is why we’re sharing a routine we like to call the morning reset. Morning is the ideal time to set yourself up for happiness and success for the day ahead, and remember - no matter what happened yesterday, today is a new day. Kicking it off with mindfulness, fresh energy, and optimism can go a long way! 


Resetting is crucial to staying healthy - in the bustling pace of the world we live in, we could all use a few moments to reset our minds and bodies to get ready for the day. Let’s break it down so you can try this practice for yourself. 


1. Try setting your alarm five minutes earlier than you normally would to carve out time for your morning reset routine. This will get easier with time! 

2. In the fresh light of the new day, go outside to a yard, garden, balcony, or anywhere that has natural light. Even stepping out onto the sidewalk works.

3. Go barefoot and sink your feet and toes into the ground. Really feel your weight pressing down through every inch of your feet. So many nerves in our feet are often trapped in shoes all day long, so engaging them freely in the morning is more refreshing than you might think. This is called “grounding” and is believed to have many positive effects mentally and physically. In fact, according to over 20 peer-reviewed studies, grounding, or “earthing” is believed to help ease pain and inflammation, boost your mood, lower your blood pressure, and lessen cardiovascular risks. That’s a powerful way to start the day!

4. Tilt your head up and look at the sky. Taking in natural light through your eyes helps your circadian rhythm reset and tells your body it’s time to get up and start the day. Your body may be awake, but this practice will help awaken your mind, too. Believe it or not, this can be better than a cup of coffee!

5. With your feet planted, eyes taking in the morning light, take a deep breath in through your nose. Oxygen works wonders for the body, and we often don’t breathe as frequently as we should. This simple act helps stimulate the nervous system, wakes us up, and even decreases anxiety and stress.

6. Finally, with fresh air in your lungs, face toward the sun, and think of the positive feeling you want to have today. Joy, peace, love, excitement, energy – whatever it is, take one more deep, intentional breath with only this word in mind. Focus on it for just a moment…and there you have it, your morning reset. You’re ready for the brand-new day ahead of you, and it’s going to be a good one!